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A lot should be done before designing and handing your logo to you. Therefore, at BusinessBOX, we take enough time to hear you talk passionately about your business,.your mission,.your aspirations and your competences. Above all, help you explore and build a well defined identity for your business.that sets it apart from it’s rivals.

For instance, this unique identity inspires the art work that produces the Logo.that can best communicate your desired message to your client base. Then, the job doesn’t end here,.as we take it a step help you ensure that business aspects. Hence, reflect the unique identity of your business with clarity and consistency.

Similarly, targeting a segment is easier now with the help of new digital tools.that enhances your reach to your desired segment.

Our Approach


The main objective of this step is to officially initialize the engagement,.and validate the objectives, scope,.detailed activities and roles and responsibilities of each party.

Hance, BusinessBOX along with your team will organize and conduct a kick-off order to identify and confirm the following elements:

  • The logo concept.
  • Focal points of contact.
  • The party to sign off on deliverables.
  • Coordination and logistics for meeting with concerned persons.and data collection etc.
  • Submission, review and sign off on deliverables.

Design and innovation

After that, comes the design phase. In this step, we review the logo concept and come up with proposals.

Therefore, BusinessBOX shall hold one-on-one meeting with the project owners.from your understand the logo concept.

In addition, It is vital to develop a thorough understanding of the well as undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the different aspects of the design.for which the logo is to be prepared.

Company theme

In this step, we will compile, sort, analyze the design in order to present a unique company theme.

Marketing strategy

Then comes the marketing strategy.that is developed and inspired by the theme of the approved brand. But developing a marketing strategy alone is not the main point. Hence, It should be communicated with the right target market of the entity.


After creating a brand and developing a marketing strategy,.it is essential to use the proper media to communicate the objectives of the entity.with the right target market.

Design and innovation
Company theme
Marketing strategy
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Methods of Strategic Branding


Brand strategy is approached in a rigorous, centralized and formal business planning process. Therefore, this approach is used by companies with large and diverse product portfolios that are defined as a “house of brands”. 


This method is usually driven by advertising agencies in a leading brand development role and linked to creative execution of various ad campaigns. Hence, marketers and their agencies closely link the brand to imagery driven by the latest trends and fads in the culture, and expressed through art directors, photographers and commercial directors.

User Experience

In this method the customer is the most important component of the brand. That is why brand managers focus on service design and usability, which are at the very core of these experiences, to drive brand strategy.

Self Expression

In this method, marketers place the role of brand building as a collaboration with their customers. As a result, marketers innovate new meanings rather than products. Customers are actively participating in creating the meanings associated with the brand that are a reflection or a symbolic representation of their own personal identity or inner self. 


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