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Training and development services are designed to help professionals in accounting, finance and business in general boost their knowledge, improve their skills and prepare for their qualifications. Therefore, Our services cover “need assessment” to help our clients decide which program suits their needs best.  

We designed our training programs to accommodate the budgets and the time needs of professional trainees. Hence, our clients consider us the most suitable solutions for professionals in the market.

We offer  two sets of training programs:  

Professional Education – Professionals may customize their desired program in areas where they wish to grow in and know more about.

Exam PreparationIn association with HOCK International (USA) and the CFI (Canada)BusinessBOX is pioneering  the introduction of smart training packages in Qatar these packages allow students to experience a better level of flexibility and affordability. We also offer live exam-preparation courses.

Range of training services

Professional Education

Smartly tailored professional courses to match your needs

Exam Preparation

Preparation courses to pass credentials such as

  1. CMA – Certified Management Accountant
  2. CPA – Certified Public Accountant
  3. CIA – Certified Internal Auditor
  4. FMVA – Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis

Importance of Training

Research reveals that firms that don’t invest in employee training have lower employee retention rates. Therefore, disengaged employees and lower profits.

Professions nowadays require professionals to be continuously learn and develop their knowledge in their industry.

Professionals should develop their skills and continuously update their knowledge in order to survive the competitive market.

Qualifications provide professionals with a chance to earn more salaries.

  • Investment
  • Continuous Development
  • Competitive Market
  • Higher Income
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